Reflection for 23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
5 Sep 2020

The readings today carry a very clear message concerning our responsibility towards the salvation of others within the community.  We do not live our lives in isolation and in Christ we are all brothers and sisters and members of the one family.  Life is short and we all have to take seriously the duty of doing good while we can by helping others who are weak or in need of our assistance.  But what this means is that the love of our neighbor has to be prudent and tactful and let us not forget that the best portion of a good life is those little nameless, un-remembered acts of kindness.  Love is the one thing that cannot hurt our neighbor.  If we have the ability to convey a genuine concern, a little honest talking can often clear the air and change the situation for the better.  It is worth remembering that none of us is perfect, so when we point out the faults of others, we should be prepared to hear about our own.  As we can all give offence unwittingly, we should make it our business if we have a difference with anyone, to settle the matter and be reconciled.  Harsh words and an aggressive attitude have no place in a Christian community. Christ himself emphasised the importance of being reconciled with our brothers and sisters.  How many of us really take these words to heart?