Reflection for 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
12 Sep 2020

There is no mistaking the theme of the readings today because they are all about forgiveness and mercy ~ basic attitudes that every Christian must put into practice.  Apart from the command to love one another there is no obligation which Christ taught more forcefully than that of showing forgiveness.  Within families, small incidents get blown out of proportion, become major flashpoints and rifts develop.  Among neighbors, children playing, animals straying and rights-of-way, can cause unholy wars.   In any community differences brought about by thoughtless words, selfish actions and jealousy inevitably provoke clashes.  What comes through the readings with blinding is that our ability to forgive is the measure of the depth of our Christianity.  The forgiveness that we offer others is the indispensable condition which makes it possible for us to receive God’s forgiveness.  It is in pardoning that we are pardoned.  Our failure to offer pardon means that we have forgotten God’s goodness or have not fully appreciated the unconditional forgiveness we have received from him.  In the actual circumstances of daily living we are seldom put to the test of forgiveness, in matters which are heart-breaking or emotionally crippling.  What is required is limitless forgiving and n ability to gloss over faults and to keep on loving even in the face of insults.  If we are to be true channels of the Lord’s grace than Christ must be the standard by which we measure and shape our conduct.