Reflection for 29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
17 Oct 2020

The gospel today reminds us that we are members of God’s kingdom and citizens of the country in which we live, with obligations to both.  As Christians we are not only members of the church but also members of society.  Tensions can exist between our loyalty to God and our duty to our country especially when political questions touch upon faith and morality.  Religion and politics do mix and overlap, so crucial issues of conscience occasionally emerge.  In these instances we must put God and his laws first even if it brings us into conflict with federal and provincial laws.  We are obliged to bring the gospel of Jesus into every aspect of our life.  Normally conflicts of interest are rare and our loyalty to the laws of our country need not contradict our obedience to God.  A good Christian, by keeping their thoughts on heaven while having their feet firmly planted on earth, can love God and country and be faithful to both.  Christian life in the world should result in giving a certain tone to society.  We are chosen to be the saving hands of Christ and are called to spread the good news in different ways, on many levels.  Every person must show a proper interest in the well-being of society.  Living in an imperfect world highlights the need for Christian men and women in public life who are not afraid to express their allegiance to God in social and religious affairs.  By remaining steadfast in our faith, at home and in public life, we show that our reward is not to be sought in this world.  If we have been neglectful in these matters we can start now by coming before God at Mass in faith and offer ourselves completely to God in union with Jesus Christ on the altar.