Reflection for 5th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
6 Feb 2021

We would have to be living the life of a hermit to close our eyes to the pain and misery of life about us.  Our hearts would be of stone not to be moved by the heartbreak, pain and suffering which is the common lot of so many in daily life.  The grim picture in many areas of our world today from the present pandemic and other disasters and atrocities would shake even the faith of a saint.  No wonder many people are forced to the conclusion that it is a punishment from God or that there is no God at all.  There is no understanding why good-living people are asked to suffer and carry such heavy crosses.  Nothing threatens our confidence in a caring God more that the sight of suffering.  In the gospel passage Jesus comes to Simon’s mother-in-law, stretches out his hand and cures her.  Christ gives us no answer about suffering nor does he try to explain why people have to suffer but he showed us the importance of turning suffering into joy.  By identifying himself with the sick and the dying even to dying himself on the Cross, Jesus clearly revealed that suffering is part of God’s mysterious plan.  It all depends on how we shoulder our cross, for, by uniting our trials with Christ’s we can enjoy his victory.  Whatever happens to us, all things will work together for those who love God and share in the passion of Christ.  The gospel does not guarantee our freedom from suffering but gives us the assurance that God is with us however great our suffering may be.