Reflection for Christ the King Sunday

St. Pius X | News
21 Nov 2020

The feast of Christ the King brings the Church’s year to a close and with it comes a reminder that the cycle of our own lives here on earth will also reach its completion.  The gospel points out very forcibly that admission into our eternal home depends on the effort we make to aid and comfort the needy.  This is a challenging gospel which takes on exceptional importance as it portrays a powerful image of judgment and presents us with the stark choice of being for or against Christ. There is no in between. What the Church is emphasizing is the importance of turning our lives and hearts to Christ and trusting in his teaching, otherwise we run the danger of being rejected. Christ will not be deceived by appearances. He will look at nothing but the human heart, so all pretense will be wiped away and our real selves brought into light. In a glance we will be recognized as his friends or disowned as strangers.  In our world today, Christianity lays great stress on involvement in the community.  Jesus is still walking the earth in the guise of our neighbor who is suffering and in want.  Our response to these can be shown in small acts of mercy performed daily. Often a word of encouragement, a little recognition or a friendly smile can mean more to the poor than food, clothing or shelter, as we carry the warmth of acceptance and make each and every person feel valued. Christ becomes real to the people around us only in so far as we reach out and show concern for their welfare and commit ourselves to fostering their dignity. Christ rules in our hearts and in the world around us when we give of our time, energy and love in performing practical acts of charity.