Reflection for the 12th Sunday of Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
20 Jun 2020

In these days of indifference to the gospel message, it is good to recall the instruction Jesus gave to his apostles as he prepared them for their mission of preaching.  He points out to them the difficulties they are going to face as they try to proclaim his message.  This gospel is a reminder that we cannot expect the community around us to receive the teaching of Christ with open arms.  Jesus makes no secret of the fact that bearers of the word of God will suffer ridicule and rejection, yet he urges us to bear witness to him openly and to be fearless in making a stand for truth and justice however unpopular they may make us.  The mission of Jesus was to proclaim his Father’s love and he never failed in carrying out that task.  No one can be a follower of Christ without making an act of confidence in his work by announcing the message of the kingdom.  If the word of God is to free us to act according to our deeper convictions, then we must pray for the grace to overcome our fears.  There are many situations in life when it is supportive to remember those words of the Lord, ‘Fear not.’  Whatever happens, God is always in control.  It is his world.  His power and his Spirit are at work in our midst and we can be sure of his steadfast love.  When we have completed our earthly journey of professing the Good News, he will claim us as his own before the Father.