Reflection for the 18th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
1 Aug 2020

In the Gospel today we have a picture of the church as it acts in every age.  Jesus did not feed the stranded crowd at the edge of the sea of Galilee all on his own.  He accomplished it with the help of his disciples who were reluctant to accept responsibility for the hungry people.  Their first reaction was to send the crowd away to fend for themselves and let somebody else deal with the problem.  Challenged by Jesus to use their own resources, they remembered having five loaves and two fish which they brought to him. The little they had when placed in the hands of Jesus turned out to be more than enough for all.  The five loaves and two fish are symbols of the power for goodness which we all possess. In our own eyes it may seem of little account, but it is what the Lord has given us and expects us to use in his service.  The gift may be our ability to be a good neighbor, a caring listener to a grieving family or a willing members of a parish organization.  In whatever way we minister to the needs of others, we show forth the compassion of Christ and extend his friendship and love to others.  Jesus sets before everyone the task of communicating his love through the qualities they possess.  When gather to celebrate in this Eucharist, even if it is only virtually, by our presence we make an offering of self and show that with the rest of the church we accept the challenge of Jesus to do what we can for the good of others.  With the power with which he transforms what we offer, we go forth to give as we have received, to forgive as we have been forgiven, and to love as we have been loved.