Reflection for the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
8 Aug 2020

This Gospel episode takes place while the disciples are returning by boat, having left Jesus on his own to spend some time in prayer.  Suddenly a storm blows up and their boat is in danger of foundering.  In their distress they appeal to Jesus who beckons Peter to come and walk on the waters also.  He starts out with the greatest confidence but quickly loses his nerve as he becomes conscious of the force of the wind and the power of the waves. His faith and his courage fail him and he starts to sink.  Jesus promptly answers his cry of distress, comes to his aid but rebukes him for his lack of faith.  When confronted with stress and pressure of various kinds we are very much like Peter and can identify with his temptation to despair.  A sudden turn of events in life and we are faced with storms which threaten the peace and security of our families and homes.  At such moments our faith fails and we need to hear those encouraging words of Christ, “Don’t be afraid.”  Life is a perilous journey and we need the help of Christ to guide us to our true destination.  Christ is prepared to help us at all times and not just in our hour of desperation.  If we turn to him in all the circumstances of our lives he will show us how different his presence makes everything.  The Gospel highlights the importance of faith and prayer in the following of Christ.  We have been invited by Christ to leave our relative security and follow him with conviction and courage through the storms and trials of life.  We need not become casualties on the sea of life because the Lord is always waiting for us with outstretched arms.