Reflection for the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
18 Sep 2020

Our picture of God is influenced to some extent by our ordinary way of looking at things and that is why, as we listen to this gospel, we are tempted to react and share the grumble of the workers who have labored since early morning.  In human terms it seems a bit unfair that after slaving all day in the hot sun they got the same pay for their efforts as those who were taken on at the eleventh hour.  But if we get too uptight about the injustice of the situation, we miss the point of the story.  The parable is not dealing with equal rights for all, or an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.  Its main thrust is to show the generosity of God in throwing open the doors of the kingdom of heaven to Gentiles and sinners on equal footing with the Jews.  For their part the Jews resented what was happening and envied the good fortune of these late arrivals.  After all, they were God’s chosen people and expected preferential treatment.  However, this gospel fills us with an inspiring image of a generous and forgiving God whose love for us has no bounds and whose mercy extends both to those who have labored all their lives in his service and to those who have broken faith but turn to God in their dying hour.  Before the Almighty we all stand like beggars and can never boast that we have earned our salvation.  Everything we have is a free gift of his love and mercy.  We cannot explain God’s generosity, but one things is certain ~ God’s ways are not our ways.