Reflection for the 26th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
26 Sep 2020

The liturgy today points out that there must be a connection between what we say and what we do.  Jesus criticized the religious leaders of his day because they shirked their responsibility and only thought that they wanted to do God’s will.  Their promises were empty because they did not keep them and as a result their journey to God was going nowhere.  In a ringing denunciation Christ stated that their observance of the of the law was an outward show and that there was more honesty and a greater readiness to accept the call for repentance among outcasts.  But this is a story for all ages.  The trail of broken promises that each of us leaves behind points to the inconsistency between what we promise and what we do.  In the early Christian community, the scandal of professed church members who did not fulfill their promises was deeply felt.  The lesson the gospel offers us is that we may be saying ‘yes’ to God on Sunday and turning our back on what we profess during the rest of the week.  Many of us who say ‘yes’ to the Body of Christ don’t realize that we are saying ‘no’ to the community of Christ when at the church door, an age-old difference between families prevents us from speaking to a neighbor.  Newly married couples have no problem saying ‘yes’ on their wedding day but find it increasingly difficult to keep their promise through the ups and downs of life.  The test of our allegiance to Christ is in keeping the promises that we have made and accepting his will whatever it may be.