Reflection for the 28th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
10 Oct 2020

In the gospel today, Jesus is saying that, while God the Father has opened wide the doors to heaven and invited everybody into his kingdom, entrance is by no means automatic and should not be taken for granted.  Our invitation to God’s kingdom was issued for the first time as we were baptized.  The priest pronounced we were clothed in Christ.  Yet baptism was only the beginning of that call to spend our lives like Christ.  We are invited every day to follow God more closely and our response is the work of a lifetime.  The wedding garment is a symbol of a life in the footsteps of Christ.  But how are we living that life?  We would be sadly mistaken if we think that because we are baptized and are regular church-goers we have done enough.  As we go about our daily struggle of trying to make ends meet it’s so easy to leave God out of the picture.  This gospel should cause us to pause and think about the wonderful future that is within our reach.  It is telling us that God is longing for our homecoming in the next world.  Meanwhile the one thing necessary is to make sure that we will arrive safely by responding to his love.   We are never nearer that love than when we come forward at Mass to receive the Body of Christ in Holy Communion and when in our daily lives we avail of the opportunities of sharing in Christ’s life.  By beginning our day with a prayer and asking God’s blessing before we eat our food, offering encouragement and support to our neighbors in the small circle of our living we are not facing life alone, but walking with one another and with Christ.