Reflection for the 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
14 Nov 2020

The Gospel today is forthright in reminding us of the blunt truth that the gifts of God are not ours to dispense with as we please.  Neither does it suffice to hide them away, leave them unused or allow them to wither.  As Christians we are in the business of spreading the kingdom of God.  Christ came to serve and service of others helps us to grow in his image and likeness.  Whatever our gifts happen to be, and we all have a variety, we are expected to make full use of them for God’s glory.  This is a call to be energetic in living the Gospel.  The message in this parable is to make a great deal more of life, to tackle it positively and with enthusiasm, by reaching out beyond our own selfish world and taking the risk of sharing something of ourselves with others.  It’s worth remembering that the times when we experience true happiness and real satisfaction are normally those which find us completely absorbed in carrying for the needy or supporting a worthwhile cause.  In a real sense we come closer to God when we help to further the growth of his kingdom on earth by our actions.  Few among us will be given the opportunity of performing the spectacular, but never forget we will be remembered for our daily acts of decency and kindness which we regard as nothing special.  Our intention should be to do as well as we can whatever job we are carrying out, avoiding apathy and the ‘couldn’t care less’ approach.  In this way we can offer back to God the lives given to us, more fulfilled and more enriched.