Reflection for the Ascension of the Lord

St. Pius X | News
28 May 2022

Today’s celebration of the Ascension marks the return of Jesus to the Father after the Resurrection. We know from the gospel in another place that Jesus’ return to the Father was accompanied by a promise that he would remain with us until the “end of the age”: that is, until the end of time. In the mystery of God’s presence to us, though he is no longer visible to our eyes, Jesus— through the power of the Spirit—remains with us still, accompanying us with the saving love of God on life’s journey. We’re accustomed to recognizing the great gift of Jesus being with us. But there’s something else about which we may not think very much. Because Jesus is with us, we are with Jesus. We are already seated at the right hand of the Father. Though many times we don’t experience it as such, our hearts and lives, our families, our Church, our world are already living in the reign of God. That empowers us to live in hope. We have the potential, the capacity to let go of hurts and problematic issues at all levels of our lives and move more and more toward the life that God desires for us. In the meantime, like the people of Galilee who stood looking up at the clouds as Jesus departed, ours is to go about the business of living as a worshiping community who seek to respond ever more fully to the message and mission of Jesus Christ.