Reflection for the Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

St. Pius X | News
2 Jan 2021

Isn’t it interesting in this sophisticated and scientific age that we are all so interested in stars, horoscopes and astrological signs?  The Magi’s journey following the star, echoes in our hearts.  We feel that we have our own star to follow ~ a yearning deep down within our being for meaning, truth, and happiness ~ an individual path in life which we alone are called to tread.  When the Magi found the child Jesus, it was highly unlikely that they saw an infant with a halo who was clearly recognizable as God’s Son.  I believe that they saw just another tiny child because that was all their bodily eyes could see.  However, with their eyes of faith they were able to see beneath the surface of appearances and recognize, in this child, God’s light which had come into the world.  Ever afterwards, they were not guided by a star in the sky but by the light of this child, whom they saw as the Saviour of the world.  We too have been given the eyes of faith to keep us on course as we follow Christ along the highways and by-ways of life, across desert paths of loneliness, pain, failure and illness. There is something beautiful about the story of the Magi because they represent all of us on a spiritual adventure which goes on as long as life lasts.  Our special role is to make Jesus known along the pathways of life by being open and receptive to his word.  Unlike the Magi, we bring the gift of ourselves as human beings, something more precious, as it never wears out.  We have made the journey to Bethlehem, and we hope that at the end of life’s journey we will be met once more by Jesus and Mary.