Reflection for the Sixth Sunday of Easter

St. Pius X | News
15 May 2020

A deeply personal moment is recorded where Jesus speaks in the privacy of the upper room where he is celebrating the Last Supper with his closest friends.  He refers to the apostles, who are his friends, as children with the consoling promise that on his departure he will not leave them orphans but will send them his spirit.  Jesus did not leave the apostles to struggle with the Christian life without the help of his Spirit and he won’t leave us either, we have his word for this. The outpouring of the Spirit was not reserved exclusively for those who lived in the time of Jesus. The Holy Spirit is a real person who loves and cares for us and is our strength and encouragement in times of trial, just as much as he was for the apostles.  There is a great mystery of hope contained in today’s gospel and we should take courage from it.  In the Holy Spirit we have a helper and a comforter who makes Jesus present in each generation to every person in their individual situation.  But remember, the Holy Spirit will not arrive unannounced or force an entry into any person’s heart.  We will receive the Lord’s spirit and grow in our awareness of Jesus only if we request it in prayer and follow the law of God by keeping the commandments.  Only those who are obedient in carrying out the will of Jesus are capable of experiencing the fullness of the Spirit.  The Gospel is not about easy victories.  In the struggle to build a better world we are his instruments charged with opening ears, eyes and hearts to what is good, true and beautiful in his kingdom.  We do this by living lives of remarkable goodness in unspectacular ways.  If we are willing to place our lives in his hands, he will accept and bless them and make such use of them as will be beyond our greatest expectations.