The 2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
18 Jan 2019

The story of God calling Samuel by name is almost magical.  As he is lying asleep, he’s awakened three times by a mysterious voice calling him by name.  In no way does Samuel suspect that the Lord is calling him, but the priest Eli makes it clear that the voice he is hearing is the voice of God and directs him how to reply.  With the straight-forward simplicity of a child, Samuel springs to his feet in unquestioning obedience and total willingness to serve.  Of course, the story of Samuel is our story too.  He stands for all of us – people who might be of no significance in the eyes of society, but people who are still ever on God’s mind and forever under his care.  God is constantly calling us into a relationship with him in the circumstances of life we find ourselves in.   When we were baptized our ears were symbolically opened to hear his call.  In the noisy ranting world in which we live, there is a danger of God’s voice being drowned out and not heard.  That’s why it is important to have a quiet and peaceful corner to develop periods of silence, where we can be alone to listen to the voice of God, calling us and directing us along his pathway.  God can only speak to a person who is listening.  We tend to talk too much and listen too little.  God’s call is an on-going affair and often reaches us through the needs of a neighbor.  It takes courage to open our hearts and answer that call, but if we are to be the people God wants us to be and to do the job he intends us to do, we must give ourselves willingly to Jesus and share our time and material goods with those around us who are in need. ��