The Feast of Christ Our King

St. Pius X | News
23 Nov 2018

Today the Church year draws to a close with a gospel scene from Good Friday.  Jesus stands on trial before Pilate accused of being a king.  Jesus admits to being a king, but not in a worldly manner, rather as a spiritual leader who rules by truth and love.  He is out to touch the hearts and minds of all people and claim their souls for God.  His mission on earth is to unfold a vision of this new world, to announce the Good News that God counts us as family, regards us as His children and in return seeks our allegiance.  By the way we live, we declare where our loyalties lie.  Christ tells us to stand firmly by service of our neighbour, forgiveness, love and solidarity with the poor.  In His own life we have a model of how to put these values into practice.  We know the standards to build our lives around.  If we take His call seriously, He will be there to meet us in the end.   The Feast of Christ our King provided an excellent opportunity to review the quality of our Christian commitment.  Following the example of Christ, we discover that the effort involved in rising above a worldly level of behaviour does not come easily and brings us no end of trouble and frustration. Today’s feast calls us to make room for Christ in our hearts by imitating His life however imperfectly.