The Feast of Pentecost

St. Pius X | News
18 May 2018

The coming of the Spirit on that first day of Pentecost was not a once and for all event, but the beginning of the permanent presence in the church. By virtue of our baptism, the Holy Spirit is closer to us than we dare imagine.  Wherever there are hearts open to receive him, the Spirit of God is poured out, inspiring minds to undertake their mission as Christ’s representatives.  This feast brings home to us that God calls us to a deeper relationship with him and wants us to share in his life.  It is an invitation to enkindle the fire of love and to stir up the grace of our baptismal calling.  We do not always know when the Spirit moves us, yet we are frequently surprised by the power that drives us into action.  Whenever we go beyond our own selfish indifference and reach out in genuine concern for people in trouble, then the Spirit of God is at work guiding us, giving us renewed strength to turn upside down accepted human values and the will to move along in a new direction. No matter what we have to face in life, we stand in need of the help of the Holy Spirit.  And so on Pentecost Sunday, we thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit who works in countless hidden ways to deepen our faith, fill us with strength and inspiration and to renew our lives.