The Feast of Pentecost

St. Pius X | News
2 Jun 2017

With this feast, we celebrate the birthday of the church because it was on the first Pentecost Sunday that the infant church was launched on course and took on its missionary role. The Spirit of the Lord which was poured out on the apostles on that day has been a permanent presence and a tower of strength in guiding, guarding and directing the Church’s course.  The action of the Spirit continues in our time and is first evident in our lives at baptism.  Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit is Jesus announcing that our loving God has breathed life into our bones giving us an opportunity to share in his eternal life.  However, entrance to the kingdom of heaven does not happen unless we are prepared to change our ways and make room for the Spirit of the living God to dwell within us. The starting point for accepting the gift of the Holy Spirit is to increase our prayer life, which helps put us into a loving relationship with God – the Spirit came upon the apostles while they were at prayer.  Without an attitude of prayerfulness, it is difficult to discover our special talents and the particular role we are called to play in the mission of the Church.  Once we discover our own particular gifts there is an obligation on us to use them in building up the Body of Christ. The story of Pentecost invites us to reflect upon our openness and our response to the outpouring of the Spirit in our own lives.