The Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

St. Pius X | News
11 Jan 2019

Baptism was the way in which Jesus presented himself to his people at the outset of his mission.  His baptism in the Jordan by John, marked the beginning of his public ministry and the start of his life as a travelling preacher.  By identifying with us he took upon his shoulders the tremendous burden and responsibility of our sins and began gathering all people into the one family of God.  Today’s feast reminds us of our own baptism and presents us with an opportunity to reflect on the implications of leading the life of a Christian.  It’s a time of special importance because it marks our spiritual birth ~ the beginning of the Lord reaching down, touching our lives, claiming us for his own and adopting us as his children. Our parents and godparents were speaking on our behalf when they introduced us into God’s family as infants ~ but as adults we have to ratify, act out and personalize that deeply religious decision.  Belonging to God’s family involves obligations to be undertaken and decisions to be made about how we are to lead our lives.  By our baptism we are invited to answer Jesus’ call to do good, to follow in his footsteps by being honest in our dealings and kindly in our conversations.  This requires strength of character as it often calls upon us to stand apart and be counted.  Only when we are doing God’s will are we behaving as beloved sons and daughters in whom God is pleased. d0 \lsdlocked0