The Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

St. Pius X | News
4 Jan 2019

Our Christmas celebrations began with the shepherds in the hill country going over to Bethlehem to visit the new born King and ends with the arrival there of the Magi, in all their splendour.  For them, life was never the same after their discovery.  Christ made all the difference to them, transforming their souls, calling them out of darkness into his own wonderful light.  The story has a relevance and holds true in every age.  It symbolizes the religious journey of all people who are seeking God, using a glimmer of faith to point the way forward.  The search for the truth always involves leaving the comfort and security of previously held positions and views and facing the unknown.  It requires courage, determination and hope as the journey will be long and the pathway lined with failure, doubt and confusion.  Deep down in our lives there is an uneasiness and a yearning after freedom and happiness which can only be fulfilled when we experience the presence of God.  Like the Magi we are called to search and to discover the presence of Christ in our lives.  The most important part of this search is to be open and receptive in order to read the signs of the times.  Christ is to be encountered in the most unusual and varied of places.  This feast teaches that the faith is for sharing.  God has called and given us the task of showing his Son to everyone we meet.