The Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord

St. Pius X | News
3 Jan 2020

The story of the Epiphany captures the imagination with its rich mixture of mystery and intrigue.  The story of the Magi is so colourful we may overlook its significance and fail to see its deeper meaning. The journey of the Magi through desert and mountain following a star reflects our search for purpose and meaning in life, which is not possible unless we are guided by faith which enables us to see beneath the surface of appearances.  The story is always relevant because God sees to it that people who really search will find him.  He will shed light into our darkness and make us new.  As the Christmas season draws to a close the Epiphany reminds us of our journeying into another year following the individual path which we alone are to tread.  The Epiphany story concerns the wider world and the many carrying circumstances of joy and sorrow in which we encounter Christ.  It calls for us to look around and search for the Lord who is in our midst, in situations where previously we were unaware of his presence.  He comes in people and places we least expect and at times when we are most unprepared for his company.  God stands in our midst revealing himself and inviting us to enter his company.  Nothing is ever the same again for those who have discovered his light.  The responsibility we bear is to let the divine light within us shine through to others.  The Gospel of love, forgiveness and redemption is not something to keep quiet about, but Good News to announce to the world.