The Feast of the Holy Family

St. Pius X | News
28 Dec 2018

Today’s gospel outlines the heartbreaking experience of Mary and Joseph when they were quite certain they had lost Jesus.  He slipped away from the family circle without informing his parents and went off on his own to the Temple. Even Mary and Joseph did not escape the tensions, anxieties and worries which are the ordinary ups and downs of family life.  Like many parents, they experienced the difficulty of realizing that Jesus was growing up, coming of age and asserting himself outside his immediate family circle.  Parents today can identify with this, because it rings so true of our own age with its generation gap, teen culture and lack of communication.  The experiences Mary and Joseph struggled with in raising Jesus shows that family life is a full-time job and a difficult one for everyone concerned.  A happy home is not made out of bricks and mortar nor appointed with luxurious furnishings but has its foundations in Christ ~ who is love.  The family at Nazareth was the ideal family because of the presence of Jesus there.  The same can be true of our family.  God can make it a channel of grace if we spend time as a family in prayer.  If prayer has not been part of the fabric of home life, or if it has been neglected, the new year is an ideal time for a fresh start. Today the Holy Family at Nazareth is set before us as a model and as an inspiration.  If we follow in their foot-steps we will begin to perceive the mystery of godliness at the heart of our lives and especially at the centre of our families.