The Feast of the Holy Family

St. Pius X | News
27 Dec 2019

Within days of the great Christmas festival we are reminded that the child who was God, grew up as a member of a human family.  Anyone who reads the gospel carefully will see that the Holy Family had their share of troubles and difficulties which caused them great worry.  The most elementary Christian community of our lives is the family into which we are born.  The purpose of this feast is to show the importance and sacredness of the family as the basic unit of church life.  It provides an opportunity to reflect on the quality of our home and family life.  Family life is a full-time job which is not so much about parents and children living under one roof as about their hearts beating together in harmony and love.  This will happen if the message of Christ in all its richness is found within its walls. Parents teach their children by word and by example and those who avoid signs of mutual affection and do not show tenderness can scarcely complain if their homes turn out to be empty of love.  Also, religion begins at home and parents are the first teachers of their children in the ways of faith.  Handing on the faith means handing on a way of life.  And so, this feast is a reminder that Jesus came on earth to make a place for each one of us in God’s family.