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Reflection for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

The gospel today portrays an example of the healing power of Christ in an uncommonly moving scene, with Jairus, the synagogue official pleading for Jesus to heal his little daughter.  Jesus responds without hesitation and does not allow anything to deter his journey to their home, where he restores the child to full health. The […]

Reflection for the 12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

The power of a stormy sea is overwhelming and can become a frightening ordeal.  We all have experienced fear, so we can appreciate the plight of the apostles in the storm-tossed boat.  We can thoroughly connect with this story today, when we look at our own lives and the troubles, disappointments and misfortunes that come […]

Reflection for the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

By St. Pius X | News

The readings today are concerned with spiritual growth.  They speak of the importance of us coming to God in prayer and good works in order to grow in God’s favour and friendship.  God is at work in every age and in each of our lives.  The seed of his word was first planted in our […]

Reflection for the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

By St. Pius X | News

The gospel reading tells us of the simple beginnings of the Mass, how Jesus, on the night he was to be betrayed, celebrated the Eucharist, his final meal, with his disciples.  He took time to eat this meal with them so that they could share in and be part of his work.  From that time […]