Food Insecurity

St. Pius X | News
17 Oct 2013

Food Insecurity: This week at the Charlottetown Area Christian Council meeting, Dr. Jennifer Taylor from UPEI spoke to us about food insecurity. The term is not in relation to the safety of the food we eat, but its availability to Islanders—many of them the working poor—whose income is such that they are unable to provide nourishing food in a consistent way for their families. Dr. Taylor presented some disturbing statistics. Food Banks in Canada have risen in number from 1 in 1981 to 800 in 2012. These, of necessity, provide only temporary emergency relief. 2011 stats show that 1.6 million Canadian households experience food insecurity: in these households were 1.1 million children. In the same year, 15.4% of PEI households were unable to have secure access to nutritious food. 26.8% of Island children live in those households; that’s more than 1 in 4.
Statistics also indicate that PEI has a higher number of employed people who are food insecure than the rest of Canada. Related to the economic needs of PE Islanders, Thursday’s Guardian published a letter from Island St. Vincent de Paul groups—including our own at St. Pius X—calling upon government, in collaboration with all of us, to “take the lead” in supporting low income families.

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