update from Fr. Maurice

St. Pius X | News
11 Mar 2021

My dear friends. This has been an unbelievable month and one which I will not soon forget. The prayers that sustained me throughout the surgery and immediate recovery were overwhelming.  People from this parish and all corners of the diocese and beyond were praying for a successful surgery and full recovery.  I more than anyone else want to be around for many more years of productive ministry. But a traumatic event like this reminds all of us, and especially myself, how quickly our lives can change.  I realize the majority of people want to do something as a gesture of their love and concern, and I do thank you all for everything you have done thus far to support and encourage me. However, because of my recovery regime, I plead with you not to drop off food items of any sort during this important time of exercise, rest, reflection and healing. I have and continue to appreciate your prayers and words of encouragement and concern for my recovery.  So, what you can do is continue with those prayers.  At this particular moment, I can only say that I intend to take whatever time is needed and necessary for as full a recovery as is possible.  Thank you all so much and God Bless.

Love Fr. Maurice.