Reflection for 15th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
10 Jul 2021

The sending out of the twelve apostles was but the beginning of the Church’s mission to the world.   If the word of God is to reach all people then everyone who hears it must make it known.  The Good News of salvation is not intended to be guarded jealousy but to be spread around and handed down.  Every baptized Christian is called to accomplish this work of spreading the gospel.  The message of salvation is offered to all but it is not forced on anyone, for it is a personal choice to accept or reject the call of God.  To follow the message of the gospel is an invitation to a more dedicated life, a life that is very challenging and demands that we have a caring heart.  Many are left with the feeling that they have nothing much to offer to the furthering of His kingdom.  Parents should remember that one of the most effective proclamations of the gospel can be carried out within their homes, by raising their children in the faith and upholding Christian values there.  Christ’s work demands total commitment in small things done daily.  He wants all of us to be part of his saving mission.  We are his hands by the work we do, his tongue by the words we speak, and his feet by the places and people we visit.