Reflection for First Sunday in Lent

St. Pius X | News
20 Feb 2021

There is no doubt it, Lent strikes a chord and touches something deep down in all our hearts, as it presents us with the challenge to reject sin and to be faithful to the God of love.  Fasting, prayer and almsgiving have been traditionally the central element of Lent for the Christian.  At the start of his public ministry, Jesus went into the desert for forty days and it is because of this that we must keep the holy season of Lent.  We relive his experience in an attempt to establish a deeper bond and a closer friendship between God and ourselves.  The inward journey helps us to see ourselves as we really are and as we take stock of what we are doing with our time and our talents, we become more aware of our own sinfulness.  The need to change and to renew the struggle against evil by prayer, fasting and penance becomes painfully obvious.  The penance we perform should make us realize that the spiritual things of life are more important than the material.  As we become conscious of our own faults, we realize that changes need to be made.  Lent is a time for soul searching.  It is a season when we are challenged to measure up to the call of God in various aspects of life and to take practical steps to face the evil of sin and selfishness within us.  Lent is a season of grace to be taken seriously, if we intend it to be a purifying experience of vital spiritual worth.