Reflection for Palm Sunday

St. Pius X | News
27 Mar 2021

All the readings today point in their different ways towards the passion and death of Christ. For Christ, His moment of greatest influence will be when he is lifted up on the cross with arms outstretched to embrace all the world.  Christ on the cross shows us the depth of evil of which we humans are capable and the heights of love to which we are called.  Every Christian is called to live out the passion of Jesus Christ in their own lives. No one is excused or spared its agony.   Following Christ means travelling the same road, laying down our lives, and leaving everything completely in the hands of God the Father. To drive home this point, Jesus takes an example from the world of nature. Our lives, like Christ’s must resemble the grain of wheat that goes down into the ground to produce new life. The grain of wheat dying in the earth indicates how we must die to our selfishness before we can start living the life of Christ. One comes to a greater life only after dying to a lesser one. Never forget that we are God’s grain of wheat, part of his eternal harvest.  When Jesus calls, he bids us come and die and put to death within ourselves what is opposed to true life. Christ shows that life and death have a place in God’s plan for us. In every place and in every heart the struggle between evil and good is still with us. The way of the cross begins at our own doorstep and we are challenged to follow its path. As Holy Week approaches we should renew our efforts to remove the layers of human sinfulness through which Satan and the power of evil have made inroads into our lives.