Reflection for the 11th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
12 Jun 2021

The readings today are concerned with spiritual growth.  They speak of the importance of us coming to God in prayer and good works in order to grow in God’s favour and friendship.  God is at work in every age and in each of our lives.  The seed of his word was first planted in our hearts at baptism.  Our task is to water and tenderly care for it so that it can work powerfully within us.  As most of us were baptized as infants, parents have a vital role in nurturing the seed of God’s word in their children.  The example they set by prayer and good Christian living in the home will go a long way in determining their children’s attitude to life and to God.  We tend the seed of the Word of God that has been planted in our hearts by prayer and the sacraments, which dispose us to perform good works and acts of loving kindness. In this way we make ready the earth in which the seed of God’s word can blossom.  There is no age at which we cannot grow in God’s grace.  So let us realize that life is but a passing shadow and the few years given to us here below are for soul-making.  If we do not grow in moral and spiritual stature while on earth, there will be lots of growing up to be done in purgatory.