Reflection for the 13th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
26 Jun 2021

The gospel today portrays an example of the healing power of Christ in an uncommonly moving scene, with Jairus, the synagogue official pleading for Jesus to heal his little daughter.  Jesus responds without hesitation and does not allow anything to deter his journey to their home, where he restores the child to full health. The heart of Jesus could never resist a hand outstretched in need or an appeal for help made in faith.  Healing was at the centre of his public ministry and a point worthy of note is that his healing activity extended to both body and soul.  The healing acts of Jesus were themselves a message, that he had come to set people free.  The mission of the church in every age is to continue the healing work which Jesus began through his miracles.  Every Christian is called to this ministry in one way or another.  All of us are called to represent God by Christ-like actions and nobody can be excused from caring because our vocation is to be healers.  What people need, more than anything else, regardless of the situation they are facing, is that the love of God be made real for them, through the actual experience of care and concern shown by the people around them.  Just by being there, even though we are powerless, we can make faith in God real for them, for we are following the Lord in his compassion.  Having received the generosity of Our Lord in the richness of this Eucharistic celebration, we are asked to go out and share that same richness with others.