Reflection for the 19th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
7 Aug 2021

What the majority of Christians can say without much reflection is that life in following Christ is by no means plain sailing, with situations which result in ourselves being broken and crushed.  To keep going we need an assurance that we are not alone in our lives and that God is with us helping us to carry our crosses, rescuing us from every predicament that befalls us. The gospel points out that we have such a help in Jesus who is the Bread of Life.  He brings each of us just what we need to sustain us on our pilgrim journey to God. Coming to Christ requires far more than a weekly walk up to the altar to receive Holy Communion.  If Jesus makes himself available to us then we have to make ourselves present to him. To approach the altar complaining, or with a heart full of bitterness because of hurts inflicted on us, is not a true sharing in the eucharist.   In our daily round we are asked to be forgiving, to overcome faults, to understand the failure of friends, and not to close our hearts when we are offended. In the Eucharist we meet the bigness of God who has forgiven us and who ask us in our turn to give as freely as we have received.  The Eucharist is an opportunity for reconciliation, for wounds and old sores to be bound up and forgiveness to be shown. For God to love us we must try and be loving also.