Reflection for the 24th Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
11 Sep 2021

The shadow of Calvary falls across today’s readings and stretches into our lives with the announcement by Jesus that unless we take up our cross and follow him we are unworthy of his company.  This is a reminder of something we would rather forget because nobody wants to suffer.  The age old problem of why people suffer has puzzled thinking minds down the centuries and has never been satisfactorily resolved.  Jesus never explained why we have to suffer, not did he rid the world of suffering.  What he did was to give suffering meaning and value by filling it with his presence.  In his life he showed us the proper approach to suffering and how to put the crosses that come our way to good use.  Jesus makes it crystal clear about the high cost involved in being one of his people and never at any time pretends that it is less than demanding.  Suffering is the blood, sweat and tears of life.  The cross, which is planted in the centre of Christian living, is not an invitation to lead a miserable life but is a call to hope in the face of those sufferings, which are the normal part of human existence.  We must accept that God’s ways of doing things run contrary to our expectations.  Our Lord’s teaching is for real life and real life can be very difficult.