Reflection for the Feast of the Assumption

St. Pius X | News
14 Aug 2021

There are times when the monotony of daily living and the drudgery of dull routine saps all our energy and we find ourselves crying out for the kind of reassurance and comfort that this feast day brings, for in contrast to such despair, Mary’s Assumption helps lift our minds and
hearts above the encircling gloom. It reminds us of our final homecoming by assuring us that there is another dimension to our existence and that death does not have the final say. In her life, Mary knew the humdrum routine of ordinary housework and was open to the uncertainties of what tomorrow would bring. The sword of sorrow promised by Simeon at the presentation of the infant Jesus in the temple, continually cut through her heart and made its presence felt from time to time. There were many things in life she did not understand, much that she found painful to accept and still through all not knowing what lay before her, Mary never took back
the “Yes” she had answered to the angel. Jesus was always at the centre of her existence. Mary’s Assumption reinforces hope in our own future because she points forward to our final homecoming. This feast is a reminder that the joys of eternal life are what God wishes to share with all his children. In the meantime, our chief concern is to become more like Jesus, by
allowing our lives to be influenced by Mary, who has so much to teach us about her Son.