Reflection for the Feast of the Body and Blood of Christ

St. Pius X | News
5 Jun 2021

The gospel reading tells us of the simple beginnings of the Mass, how Jesus, on the night he was to be betrayed, celebrated the Eucharist, his final meal, with his disciples.  He took time to eat this meal with them so that they could share in and be part of his work.  From that time on, the Church has taken the Lord at his word. By doing what Jesus himself did on that occasion we experience repeatedly his real presence among us. With the gifts of bread and wine we bring what we are and what we have as an offering to the Lord. This feast is the perfect opportunity for us to express our thanks for God’s hospitality to us, the supreme and final gift of his love. We remember with gratitude the promise he made to be with his friends and followers as their food and nourishment in their pilgrimage through life. All of us are people on a journey facing the trials and sufferings of everyday happenings. But it is not a journey we make alone. Travelling in Christ’s company is a powerful assurance that we are on the right road.  He is food for our souls and the spiritual help we need to make us break off the chains that bind us to this earth. But if we haven’t learned anything thus far on this journey, one thing is made crystal clear:  What is demanded of us is that we share in the Eucharist with others, for we make our pilgrimage through this valley of tears as a community and not as isolated individuals. The celebration of the Eucharist is the centre from which all grace flows. We bring to it all the possibilities, desires and longings of our existence.  To have time for God and to give ourselves to him is an important expression of our faith.