Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Easter

St. Pius X | News
1 May 2021

The gospel today is telling us that we have to take the advice of Jesus, the master gardener.  The pruning Christ is talking about is a cleansing of the whole person, body, mind and spirit.  As a Christian it is not easy to stay in good spiritual shape.  There is nobody without fault and even the best of people can be torn apart on their weaker side.  If Jesus is to have an effect on the world, it is through his followers, living in such a way that people will see the hand of God at work in the most ordinary situations in our lives.  Christ is dependent upon us being his hands and his voice carrying the lamp of his redemption to others.  The greatest contribution each one of us can make to the well-being of the church is to allow Christ’s love to seep into our own life blood.  If we live in Christ and he lives in us the fruit we can bear is beyond imagining.  It’s an occasion to reflect on the depth of our personal inward enduring commitment to the gospel because, apart from Jesus, there can be no lasting growth.  God demands a lot from his children in expecting them to make the church a vibrant community by living good and fruitful lives.