Reflection for the Fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time

St. Pius X | News
30 Jan 2021

Occasionally when public figures speak, we refuse to take them seriously because they convey the impression that they are not sincere and are merely voicing the party line.  The term “credibility gap” is one way of expressing our suspicion that there is no depth to their fine words.  The most fundamental criticism we can make of a person is to say that they are not one of their word.  In today’s gospel we are told that Christ spoke with authority and conviction.  His preaching had a great impact on all open-minded people who were listening.  Its effects were staggering because he spoke from the heart and was fired with enthusiasm for the truth.  As a leader Jesus had no political pull, or military clout, and yet people were spellbound and challenged to the core of their being by the compelling power of what he was saying.  The word of God will always challenge us to the depth of our being.  Today it is asking us how honest and authentic we readily are as we face the problems of living the Christian message amid a questioning world.  If we follow it and live it we are speaking with authority in our own right and pointing people to God.