Reflection for the Third Sunday of Easter

St. Pius X | News
17 Apr 2021

We are now deeply immersed in the Easter season, celebrating Christ’s victory over death.  As Christians we must always remember that in order to share in the life of the Risen Christ we have first to share in the life of the crucified Christ. There are no shortcuts to eternal life ~ if there is no cross there is no crown.  Death and resurrection must take place in each of our lives.  The resurrection cannot be limited to a historical fact.  No, it must take place here and now in the life of every Christian.  We never know what true life means until we live it in the footsteps of Jesus.  This is not something we achieve overnight but is a gradual transformation that takes place within us as we turn away from deeds of darkness and live for God. Gradually we come to view the world, not with our own eyes but with a Christlike gaze.  Our relationship with Jesus requires us to communicate the good news by our attitudes, values and lifestyle.  The Christian message is never fully ours until we have shared it with our faith, close friends and the different people we meet in life.  If we are to be witnesses to Christ’s gospel we must stop living in a half-hearted manner and show forth the resurrection in our lives.  Drawing close to Christ implies truly Christian behavior and being of one mind and heart with him.  The risen Lord can only make an impact on the world if our words and actions combine to reveal his power.  We are called upon to spend our lives without reserve in his service.