Registration for the weekend Masses

St. Pius X | News
9 May 2021

The Saturday 4:00 pm mass is filling up quickly for this coming weekend with only 12 spaces remaining on Monday afternoon. There are still 60 spaces remaining for the 8:30 am Sunday mass and 63 spaces remaining for the 10:30 am Sunday mass.

Pre-registration is required to attend the Weekend Masses for two groups of 50 people approved to attend each Mass. Deadline to register for weekend masses will be at 2:00 pm on the preceding Friday afternoon. Registration is not necessary to attend the 9:00 am weekday masses (Monday-Saturday) with a maximum of 50 persons allowed on a first-come, first- served basis. The Church doors will be locked when we reach capacity.

Parishioners are asked to register to attend mass every second week, especially for the Saturday 4:00pm mass (or wait until Thursday or Friday morning to check if spaces remain) to allows others the opportunity to attend. The 8:30 am Sunday mass is generally not fully booked each weekend. The Sunday 10:30 am mass will continue to be live-streamed each week.

TO ATTEND MASS ON THE WEEKENDS YOU MUST REGISTER IN ADVANCE. Registration for the Saturday 4:00 pm Mass and the Sunday 8:30 am and 10:30 am Masses can be completed using the links below. Information must be completed for each family member attending. Click on the appropriate link and SELECT THE DATE you wish to attend and then select one of two groups – EAST GROUP (use Main front doors of the Church -facing St. Peter’s Rd and sit on left) or WEST GROUP (use the side doors at the St. Pius X Ave entrance and sit on right). Select the NUMBER of family members attending and after hitting the REGISTER button at the bottom, fill in the information (including phone number and email) for both the person registering and for each family member attending. After you have successfully completed all the entries the REGISTER button at the button will turn orange and when you click this REGISTER button, your order will be submitted. You will receive a CONFIRMATION EMAIL shortly afterwards. If you do not have internet access you may call the Parish Office (902-894-8380) to register for a Mass. Please make note of which group you register for – and arrive between 1/2 hour and 10 minutes before Mass time.

To register for the Saturday 4:00 pm mass : Click here

To register for the 8:30am Sunday Mass: Click Here

To register for the Sunday 10:30am Mass: Click here